Incorrect Water Supply Pipe - Gas Pipe

This is one of the ultimate plumbing nightmares for any homeowner. There's a good chance that a licensed plumbing contractor didn't make this repair.

You can't mix and match different types of metal for one. If you notice we have a galvanized water supply pipe on the left side of the arrow and then we go to a black iron and then to copper and finally make a connection to plastic.

We have three different types of metal and this could lead to big problems in the future. Try to use the same type of metal water supply pipes through out your home if possible.

Different types of metal creates electrolysis and this usually accelerates metal deterioration and rust.

Let's go back and look at the arrow pointing to the black pipe. This is an untreated water supply pipe. It will usually rust faster than the other metals in the picture.

I realize that they sell this type of pipe at most home improvement stores, but this type of pipe is normally used for natural gas and isn't supposed to be used as a water supply pipe.

Home Repair Tip: You should remove the copper and black pipe and replace it with another section of galvanized or plastic water supply pipe.

Obviously an inexperienced do-it-yourselfer created this problem and if you don't feel comfortable making the repair yourself, you should contact a licensed plumber who does.