Leaking Outdoor Hose Bib

You can't barely see the hose bib leaking, but if you look closely underneath the handle, you can see that this area is wet and that's where the water was leaking from.

It looks like the plants around the hose bib are enjoying the constant supply of water, however, I don't know if the homeowners are enjoying the added expense to their utility bills.

Home Repair Tip: Shut the water off to the house and then you can safely remove the handle assembly from the hose bib and replace the rubber washer if that's the problem. The rubber washer is usually attached by a screw that you won't be able to see, until you have removed the top of the hose bib.

If you replace the rubber washer and the hose bib is still leaking, you should probably replace the entire hose bib.

The biggest problem with water leaks like this, is that they create a safety hazard. Wet areas like this can become extremely slippery if they remain moist for long periods of time.

It's this area was located in the shade for most of the day, you could add to your problems as moss starts to grow in these wet areas, creating even a bigger risk of slipping and falling.