Wash Machine Drain To Short

This usually isn't a problem and rarely will you find a wash machine drain that's too short. If you look at where the arrow is pointing, it looks like someone cut the wash machine drain off, for whatever reason.

I don't know what the plumbing code is and I couldn't find it anywhere on the Internet. I will look for it, so that you have it on this webpage.

Home Repair Tip: This is pretty easy to fix. You can purchase a coupling and a small piece of ABS pipe to make the extension.

You can also purchase a piece of ABS pipe and use a rubber coupling with hose clamps to make the extension.

I would advise that you extend the wash machine drain to at least 36 inches above the floor. This isn't a building code requirements, this is just an educated guess.

You could always check with your local building department in your area, to find out exactly what is required for your wash machine drain to operate efficiently.

Water usually rushes out of the wash machine rinse cycle pretty fast and short wash machine drain pipes could create a problem, if the water was to back up.