Water Damaged Kitchen Cabinet

Whenever we look under a kitchen cabinet and you notice a bowl or a bucket, you had better start looking for water leaks and water damage.

What's the first thing that you see underneath this water damage kitchen cabinet? A nice big bucket to catch lots of water that's leaking from somewhere.

You don't have to look to close at the bottom of the cabinet floor, to see the black spots. Do you think that someone was playing with matches underneath the kitchen cabinet or could this actually be mold from the water leaking kitchen drain.

Home Repair Tip: Buckets work great for temporary plumbing problems, but shouldn't remain for long periods of time.

Fix all water leaks as soon as possible and if you don't know how, contact someone like a licensed plumbing contractor, who does.

If you're a home repair professional, contractor or even a do-it-yourself homeowner, I would like to point something out that most people aren't familiar with.

The water damage that you're looking at in the picture above, probably isn't all of the water damage in the kitchen. I can only imagine how much mold, fungus or mildew is actually growing underneath the kitchen cabinet.

When I say that you need to fix any water leaks as soon as possible, it's to prevent damage like this. You think that the only damage in the picture above is the water leak itself and the bottom of the kitchen cabinet, but what about underneath the kitchen cabinet and the cabinets next to the kitchen sink?