Replaced Water Damaged Fascia Board

In the picture above, you can see where the water damage to the fascia board actually is. It definitely looks worse on the bottom beam, but it's also damaged at the upper beams.

Like most water damaged fascia board, the culprit is the roofing. This type of metal roofing is usually installed over the original layer of roofing materials. It often gives homeowners a false illusion that they have two roofs protecting their house. When the reality of this is often not the case.

I could see where the water could have easily leaked over the roof edging onto the fascia board and over time the water would have soaked into the fascia board.

Once the wood becomes damp, it's almost like sending a sign to the termites that says," Here's the perfect spot to start eating." Water damage often leads to termite damage. So do your best to maintain your house and fix any water damage as soon as possible.