Chimney Flashing Lifting Shingles

Usually when ever you run into a problem where the chimney flashing is lifting the roof shingles, there's a good chance that the metal roof flashing was installed incorrectly or that house has been re-roofed.

If you look close enough, you will notice that the chimney flashing is rusted and this is our first clue that the roofing material is new and metal roof flashing his old.

Obviously this house has been reroofed and no roofers chose to use the existing chimney flashing instead of replacing it. This is common for roofs that are replaced, because it's easier to reuse instead of replays this type of metal flashing.

Home Repair Tip: If the roof isn't leaking, then I wouldn't worry about it. It wouldn't be a bad idea to monitor this area and inspect it at least once every year, to make sure that this part of the roof isn't damaged.

Something else that the roofers forgot to do was fix though rusting metal flashing around the fireplace chimney. Don't forget to paint all plastic and metal vents that are exposed or protruding from your roof.

If this area is leaking or you want to fix the chimney flashing correctly, it will need to be removed and replaced.