Cut Hip Rafter Damage

Anytime you run into a cut hip roof rafter, you've got a structural problem. How big of a problem, is a different story.

I'd like to point something out here, I have been remodeling homes for a long time and have seen almost everything. There are things that I will point out in this website that might not make a lot of sense to a structural engineer.

However, you will notice that this home is still standing and it has been standing for over 30 years, possibly for over 50 years. Some structural engineers will tell you, that this won't work and you can't do that, but people have been doing it for years. Here's another example of one of those cases.

Home Repair Tip : Now should you or shouldn't you fix this roof framing damage. If the House has been standing for many years, why worry about. However, if you could provide some additional support, either directly underneath the cut hip rafter, or install additional support to each side of this hip rafter, why not do it.