Fascia Board Fell Off - Wood Rot

The edge of this roof including the fascia board looks pretty beat up and will need to be repaired.

Before you repair anything, including the fascia board, you will need to know what caused the damage.

Find the damage before you repair the fascia board, otherwise you could find yourself replacing the fascia board in the future, again.

The fascia damage could have been caused by a few things. But the main thing I would like to focus on, is the damage at the edge of the roof. This tells me that the problem is at the bottom of the roofing materials.

Water is somehow leaking in between damaged roof shingles or is rolling underneath the last shingle and onto the wood fascia board, causing the damage. With enough time, this is what your fascia board can look like.

Somehow the water that is rolling off of the roof, isn't draining off properly and this is usually a roofing problem.

If there are any gap's or cracks on the roof or if the roofing wasn't installed properly, the fascia board, along with the roof sheeting and rafters, could start to suffer as water starts to soak into the wood.

Home Repair Tip: If you don't know enough about roofing, I wouldn't bother trying to repair this on your own. I would hire a roofing contractor or another building professional who understands and can repair problems like these.

Water damage like this can become costly if not repaired properly or as soon as possible.