Long Crack Under Roof Overhang

Whenever you run into a situation like this where you see a long crack under your roof overhang, there is a good chance that this 1 x 6 piece of starter board, was cut from the center of the tree.

In other words the crack that you're looking at would be, a piece of wood that was cut nearest to the center of the tree and the center of the tree, is actually a weak point in a piece of lumber.

It's not that uncommon, to walk around a large home and find a piece of wood with a crack in it, like this. This isn't the only cause for wood to crack, but it seems to be, one of the most common. Cracks in wood can also come from lumber that has dried out and lost most of its moisture. This causes the wood to shrink and could cause it to crack.

Home Repair Tip: A long crack under your roof overhang like this, can simply be filled with a wood filler or an acrylic caulking. After you have filled the crack, you can simply repaint the damaged board and your home repair is done.

Make sure that you use a paintable caulking. Some silicone and other caulkings are not paintable. Simply read the directions that are on the container of caulking, and look for the word's paintable caulking.