Stucco Over Spray On Roof Tile

Whenever I see stucco overspray on clay roof tiles, I realize that it's not the end of the world, but couldn't this have been avoided with a few drop cloths or some better planning.

Clay roofing tile is porous and cement products can easily stain them. Not only can they stain them, but certain types of cement can actually stick to clay roofing tiles and make them extremely difficult to remove.

Home Repair Tip: Since clay roof tiles are very difficult to walk on, I would suggest that you remove each one of them individually and clean them was some type of roof tile cleaner. Wait a minute, this would be a lot of work and really wouldn't be worth it.

There are other ways, but I really can't recommend them, because they are dangerous and could lead to other problems if they aren't done correctly. This might not seem like that big of a problem, but it actually is.

If the house was stuccoed before the roof tiles were installed, you wouldn't have had any damage like this to deal with. Professional home builders understand the importance of building things in sequence to prevent problems like this, that could easily cost them a small fortune.