Buckling Composition Roof Shingle

Buckling composition roof shingles can be caused by a few different things. I have seen the roofing paper actually buckle and force the shingles up, even though the shingles were stapled down.

The roof edge metal could actually be bent or it wasn't nailed down properly, causing the roof shingles to buckle at the edge of the roof.

Home Repair Tip: Simply lift up the edge of the roof shingles and examine the area underneath them. If the roof edge metal is bent, you can simply nail or screw the metal back down.

Once you find a problem, it should be self explanatory and easy to repair. If you left the buckling composition roof shingle alone, I doubt if you're roof would suffer. However, it would be a good idea, to visually inspect this area often. If the buckle becomes larger, you will need to repair.

Don't underestimate the power of nature, especially when there's a little bulge or buckle in your roof. If the wind was strong enough, it could actually start here, to loosen your roof shingles up, before ripping a large section of your roofing off.