Rubber Paint Over Shower Backing

One of the problems in dealing with educated homeowners or people that use common sense to solve problems, is the fact that sometimes these people get a little carried away.

As you can see in the picture above, someone has used some sort of rubberized paint to seal certain areas of the shower backing board that they are obviously concerned about. This makes sense to the person installing the shower and it makes sense to someone like myself too. However, the only side of the tiled backing board that would need to be waterproofed, would be the back.

Again, there are plenty things that makes sense and there are even more things that home repair professionals and amateurs can make sense out of.

Something like this is going to create problems, even if they could find some sort of tile adhesive that would actually stick the tile to the rubberized material. There is a very good chance, that eventually this rubberized material will separate from the tiled backing board. Once this happens, the tile will begin to buckle and eventually fall off of the shower wall.

I'm going to recommend something here and it's something that I share with everyone. Always read the directions. There's a good chance that the manufacturers of these building products, have tested them thoroughly. By simply reading the installation instructions, you could save yourself a lot of frustration in the future.

Obviously I don't have the ability to contact every person that's planning on doing any home repairs or even someone who's interested in remodeling their bathroom. It wouldn't be a bad idea to share this information with other people that you know who are avid do-it-yourselfers.