Rusting Ceiling Sprinkler

These fire sprinklers aren't suffering much damage yet, however you can see the water damage stain on the ceiling. Where ever the water is leaking from, it's worked its way in between the drywall joint and is heading towards the fire sprinkler.

Home Repair Tip: Fire sprinklers are very sensitive. I was working on some tract homes one time, when a man loading drywall in the home hit the fire sprinkler accidentally with his hard hat and within two minutes, water was flowing out of the house like a small stream. I really couldn't believe what I was seeing.

If your fire sprinklers are damaged or rusting (the fire sprinkler in the picture above isn't suffering from much damage yet, however it could become worse if the water leak isn't fixed in the bathroom above) you should contact a fire sprinkler company for an in home sprinkler evaluation.

I would like to make one point here. If the fire sprinklers were to go off in your home accidentally, within five minutes, you're carpeting, wood flooring, furniture and other household items could be damaged beyond repair. That's how much water comes out of these systems.

Don't mess around with the fire sprinkler systems.