Shaky Garage Door Track

Whenever garage door tracking is installed like this, you're going to have problems with shaky garage doors.

In the beginning, everything will probably work fine, but within a few years you could find your garage doors shaking and wobbling as you open and close them.

If you look at the illustration, you will notice that I used additional supports to create a stronger garage door tracking system. Obviously I didn't fix the problem, but simply drew two black lines to show where the additional supports could have been installed.

Even if you would have just installed the horizontal support to tie the two vertical garage door tracking supports together, you could have eliminated most of your problem.

Whenever I run into problems like these, it tells me two things. Either the door installation company sent out an inexperienced garage door installer, or they were trying to save money by using less materials.

Something like this obviously doesn't matter that much to the garage door installation company, but it is going to create a problem eventually for the homeowner.

If your garage door is shaking or wiggling as you're opening or closing the door, check to make sure that the tracking is secured properly.The type of metal that the garage door installation company uses is relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at most lumberyards and home improvement centers.

It wouldn't take much to repair something like this on your own.