Plants Growing In Sidewalk

They will grow in cracks, and concrete joints, and can be found in your concrete home foundation, driveway or even your sidewalk. I have found plants growing in some pretty peculiar places, in homes that I wouldn't have guessed they would have been there, for a million dollars.

These plants can be removed with a small hand shovel or other sharp objects that can remove the plants safely from the crack. You can use chemical weed killers, even though most of them aren't environmentally friendly and your grandkids could be drinking the poisons in the future, that you're using to remove the weeds today.

I don't recommend chemicals, and less the weeds have become too big of a nuisance. Most of these weeds can be controlled, simply with a little effort and common sense.

Try to remove any plants that are growing in your sidewalk cracks or joints as soon as possible. As these plants get larger, they can do some serious damage to the sidewalks.