Fascia And Siding Problem

Here's one of those fascia and siding problems that creates one of the worst nightmares for homeowners. This problem could have started with the home builder, remodeling contractor or someone else who doesn't understand basic exterior home construction.

If you look close enough, you will notice that some of the siding is actually sticking out past the fascia board. This wouldn't be that bad, if the situation was reversed and the siding was above the fascia board, but since the fascia board is above the siding, this allows any water that rolls off of the fascia board to be obstructed by the siding.

In other words, the wood siding will stop the water and force it into any cracks that are between the wood siding and the fascia board. Once this happens, the moisture will roll behind the siding and start to create problems on the interior of the house.

Home Repair Tip: This one isn't going to be that easy. If someone installed the siding that you're looking at over an existing layer of siding, you could always remove the top layer of siding. Hopefully someone didn't install one layer of siding over the existing layer of siding, because the water that is leaking behind the top layer of siding, is probably working its way in between the two layers and remaining for long periods of time. This could cause both layers of siding to rot eventually.

This type of problem isn't going to be cheap to repair. Here's what I would do, remove a section of the roofing materials over the fascia board, nail a piece of 1 x 6 on to the existing fascia board and then install a new 2 x 8 fascia board.

I'm assuming that they existing fascia board is 2 x 6 and by installing the 2 x 8 fascia board it will lap 2 inches over the siding. This would give you plenty of room for moisture to roll off of your roof fascia board and onto the siding, safely.