Hole In Shingle Siding

Obviously this shingle siding is in desperate need of repairs. Not only is there a large hole in the shingle siding, but there are plenty of wood shingles that are cuping and starting to bow.

If you examine the rest of the picture, you will probably notice a few more holes in the wood siding.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to replace the damaged siding instead of repairing it, if you're financing allows it.

Most of the time, when you see wood shingle siding that is beyond repair, like the picture above, there's a good chance that the weather conditions have something to do with it.

Extreme climates that are hot and cold or areas that have large daily temperature changes are extremely tough on which shingles

Wood shingles need to breath and sometimes when you seal them, by applying paints or wood sealers, you could have more problems than if you would've left them alone.

This type of siding isn't used very much anymore, because it's a fire hazard. Wood shingles become extremely dry and if you've ever seen a couple of them burn in your fireplace, you would never even think about installing them on the exterior of your home.

Whenever you have a hole like this in your wood siding shingles, make sure that it gets repaired as soon as possible. A hole this size could do a lot of damage to the interior and the structural framing.