Vinyl Siding Below Grass

Whenever you have any type of building materials running into your soil or lawn, like you see in the picture above, you could have all sorts of problems.

You should never rule out the fact that the siding was installed correctly whenever you run into a situation like this. The siding could have actually been installed correctly, but someone backfilled this area with dirt.

Someone could have raised the lawn or planter and this would be creating even a bigger problem. If you look at the corner trim that's damaged, and you will notice that it's vinyl siding.

Could you imagine the damage that a Weedeater would do, if you used one to trim the grass growing up against the house?

If the soil hasn't been raised and the shingles were installed incorrectly, you should remove the ones running into the soil and make the necessary home repairs.

Home Repair Tip: The siding should be at least 1 inch below the wood framing that it's protecting. How you accomplish this, I will have to leave up to you.

Vinyl siding problems like these aren't a life or death situation or your home, if the siding was actually installed past the wood framing, you might not have that big of a problem. If someone backfilled the dirt against the home, you could have a moisture and termite problem.

If you can remove the vinyl siding and check it out, I would advise that you do so, especially if you're planning on purchasing a home with this type of problem.