Exterior Post Wood Rot Damage

Exterior post wood rot damage is very common especially if the house isn't maintained on a regular basis. Homeowners should find a reliable house inspection checklist and use it to inspect your house at least once a year to prevent problems like exterior post wood rot damage.

As you can see in the picture above, the claws of the hammer easily went into the soft damaged wood. I was trying to remove the 2 x 6 wood trim, when I realized that the exterior 6 x 6 wood post was suffering from wood rot and water damage.

There's a good chance that the wood post was damaged as water settled for long periods of time on top of the 2 x 6 band that wrapped around the post. I can easily assume that that's where the bulk of the water damage came from, but I'm pretty sure that the large crack where the black arrow is pointing to didn't help the situation much.

Home Repair Tip: Large cracks like these can absorb a lot of water and need to be caulked and painted as soon as possible to prevent wood post water damage in the future.