Long Stucco Crack

Long stucco cracks in any direction aren't going to be good for your home. In the picture above, you notice a horizontal stucco crack that looks like it could be a problem.

Think about this for a moment, any horizontal cracks like this one, in your stucco walls are going to provide an excellent spot for water running down the walls to seep into.

Any water that runs into this crack, can easily work its way behind the stucco, causing damage to the interior framing which over time could actually do more damage to the stucco.

Once a long horizontal stucco crack starts to buckle, there's a good chance that the structural framing is damaged and now the home repair bills could be astronomical.

Home Repair Tips: Whenever you have any stucco cracks, it wouldn't be a bad idea to fill them with a good caulking. This will stop most of the water from going into the cracks and working their way into the buildings interior.

It wouldn't be a bad idea, to take a picture of the exterior cracks and measuring them. If the cracks are growing, you will have previous records to compare them with.

Long stucco cracks like these are good signs that there is structural movement in the building. They're not definite signs, but they are definitely going to be something, that you need to keep track of. If these cracks become larger, you should contact a home repair professional as soon as possible.