Mold And Stucco Damage

Mold and stucco damage go hand in hand sometimes. If we examine the picture above, the arrow is pointing to a section that looks like it was covered by a piece of wood, otherwise the rest of the wall would look the same.

You can see that there isn't any mold visible except in the area directly in front of the black arrow. Mold loves to grow behind something or underneath something where it can remain moist for long periods of time.

Any type of wood that's installed over cement stucco and remains in the shade for most of the day and we throw a little bit of moisture into the picture, would provide the mold with ideal growing conditions.

There is a good chance that the mold can be cleaned off of the stucco and then monitored for a few months, to make sure that it isn't growing back. If the mold does grow back, try using stronger chemicals or contact a professional.

One of the worst problems you could have is cleaning the mold off and then immediately repainting this area, only to find out later that the mold is now growing in between your new paint and the stucco.

Home Repair Tip: Clean the area with bleach or other chemicals that kill mold and if possible, try to wait at least a couple of weeks to make sure that the mold is a growing back. After that you could repaint the stucco wall and cross your fingers, that the mold will find someone else's house to live on.