Moss Growing On Stucco

Whenever you have moss growing on your stucco, there's a good chance that this part of the house isn't in direct sunlight for most of the day.

Most of the moss that you'll find growing on your stucco, loves to be located in shady areas and if you can keep these areas moist, there's a good chance that the moss growing on your stucco isn't going to leave your home soon.

If you look at the picture, you'll notice that the soil isn't damp or moist and it looks like this area isn't located in the shade. What else could cause moss to grow on stucco?

Remember what I said in the beginning, moss like mold, loves moisture and shady spots. Just because you're looking at the ground right now and it's dry and there isn't any moisture on the stucco, doesn't mean that early in the morning or after someone waters the lawn, that there isn't going to be enough moisture to keep this moss happy and growing on the stucco for many years.

Home Repair Tip: It wouldn't be a bad idea, to remove the soil from the area around your home and install some decorative rocks. You could even get rid of the lawn and install a 2 foot wide planter around the perimeter of your home, using plants that don't require much water. Anything to prevent water from touching the stucco or soaking the ground on a regular basis.

You could try removing the moss with bleach, chlorine or go down to your local home improvement center to see if they have other chemicals that you can use to remove the moss growing on your stucco.

The main thing is to solve the moisture problem. If you don't solve the moisture problem and the moss continues to grow on your stucco, you could find yourself repairing more than just the stucco in the future.