Roof Drain Stain On Stucco

Here's a good picture of a roof drain creating a problem with the exterior stucco. If you've ever wondered why there are pipes or downspouts attached to the exterior of the building, this stucco stain should give you a pretty clear reason why.

This might not actually be a roof drain. It could be a roof over flow drainpipe, which only has water draining from it, when the roof drains become plugged. These drainpipes are usually located over windows so that when you do actually see water leaking from them, you know that some type of debris is clogging your roof drains and they need to be fixed immediately.

Home Repair Tip: Whenever you run into a problem like this, it can easily be fixed by attaching a gutter or downspouts to it. Before you attach the downspouts, make sure that you repair the damaged stucco and if necessary apply a new stucco finish coat to prevent future damage and home repairs.

The damage to the stucco is caused when water flows out of the roof drainpipe, while it's raining or even while snow is melting slowly, providing a constant flow of water for a long period of time, over the stucco.

If you don't know anything about the destruction of water, take a look at the Grand Canyon.

If water continues to run on top of any surface at a constant rate for a long period of time, you can plan on developing problems with your finances, as the home repair bills start rolling in.

Make sure that you fix any water leaks or damage caused from water as soon as possible.