Stucco Stain From Roof Leak

What you're looking at in the picture above is some damage that was caused by a leaking roof and who really knows, how bad the damage is underneath the stucco or on the interior of this wall.

One of the biggest problems with a roof leak in a situation like this, is that you can visually see the stains from it on the stucco, but the part that you don't get to see is how much damage has been done to the interior wall, floor, roof or other structural wood framing.

Problems like these create problems for homeowners, inspectors and contractors, after someone cleans up a damaged area like this or repaints the home. Once the damage is covered up, there aren't going to be any home inspection clues for construction professionals to examine.

Stucco stains are clear signs that something isn't right with the house and sometimes a good inspector or an experienced construction professional, can get a pretty good idea by looking at the type of staining and the amount of staining to determine whether or not there are bigger problems within the house

Home Repair Tip: The first thing that you're going to need to do is fix the roof leak and then you can focus on cleaning the stucco stains off of the wall.

A little bit of advice to your average home repair professional, who runs into a situation like this. Would be to use a good paint primer to paint over the stains and then you can safely apply your finish coat of paint.

Sometimes when you paint directly over stains like these, they will bleed through, leaving vertical stain marks in your new paint.