Tile Roof Stucco Damage

By reading the title of this page, you can get a pretty good idea what caused the damage to the stucco wall. Tile roofed stucco damage isn't as uncommon as you would think, especially if it's a clay-based material Spanish roof tile.

Some clay roofing tiles are easy to break or damage and can absorb moisture for long periods of time. Any building materials that absorb moisture and retain them for long periods of time, can create mold problems for most homes.

It looks like the edge pieces of the clay roofing tiles are missing, the entire length of the stucco wall and this is probably what has caused most of the stucco damage. If you look close enough, you can even see where some of the clay tile is broken and this is adding to the stucco damage problem.

Any time that it rains or moisture accumulates on the roof, it can easily roll off of the roofing tiles and onto the top edge of the stucco wall. After that, it can work its way safely down the other side of the stucco and into the home where it can do even more damage to the wood framing and wall plaster.

It's hard to tell, but it looks like theirs a fungus actually growing on the wood in between the roofing tile and the stucco. This is never a good sign and that there could be more problems inside of the walls and underneath the roofing that you wouldn't be able to see, until you did a little more home repair investigating.

Home Repair Tip: The first thing that you're going to want to do here, is to remove all of the mold and fungus. After that, check to make sure that the stucco isn't soft, before applying your new stucco finish.

Make sure that the structural framing is okay and then the most important part of all, repair the roof tile back to its original condition so that you don't have any more tile roof stucco damage to your home.

Home repairs like this should be fixed as soon as possible, they're not going to fix themselves and there's a good chance that they will cause more damage, the longer that you procrastinate.