Termite Damaged Sole Plate

For those of you that are convinced, that treated wood is termite proof, I would like you to examine this picture very carefully. Here's a good example, of what termites can actually do to treated lumber, that is used specifically as the part of your wall framing, that's used to separate the regular wood, from the concrete.

It's not uncommon to find dirt or debris underneath an area where termites are working on a regular basis. Some of this dirt, isn't actually dirt, it's the waste from the termites as their tunneling through your wall framing.

If you look at this picture closely, the top of the concrete home foundation, is definitely higher than 6 inches from the ground. The top of your concrete home foundation, should be at least 6 inches from the soil. This is considered to be a standard building practice, in an attempt to prevent easy access for termites.

With that said, you still get a pretty good idea, that termites can still access your home, under optimum building conditions like these. Don't be fooled and think that because your home was built to code and by an experienced group of builders, that you will never see a termite in your home. These builders are usually taking every precaution, but don't ever so that these guys aren't going to be hanging around, your home.

This termite damage was exposed, because the home was being remodeled. Once this kind of damage is found, it wouldn't be a bad idea, to contact a pest control company, to prevent further damage from your home.