Fascia Corner Damaged

The corner of this roof overhang is showing signs of termite damage and I recommend, removing the damaged fascia board and replacing it. You can see that the termite inspection company has already marked the termite damage with a red marking pen.

The extent of the damage won't be known, until you start tearing up the corner of the roof and repairing it.

Home Repair Tip: Whenever you see termite damage in an area like this, you've got to imagine the termites coming from another section of the home. If subterranean termites are doing the damage to the fascia board, there's a good chance that there's a termite's are tunneling through the corner of the roof, into one of the roof rafters, then working their way down the wood wall framing and finally back into the ground somewhere.

Don't under estimate the actual damage, when you're looking at something like this. I don't want to scare anyone, usually when you see termite damage like this, even though they're in the wall framing or other sections of the home, the damage usually doesn't require us to replace the 2 x 4 wood framing.

As long as the house is still standing, and there isn't any visible termite damage, on the exterior or interior of the home, most termite repairs contractors, aren't going to investigate these areas, any further.

Most termite companies will recommend that you tent the entire home and spray certain chemicals around your home's foundation, to kill the colony of termites that are actually damaging your home. This usually stops active termites, but the extent of the wood framing damage, might not ever be known, unless, the interior or exterior wall coverings, needed to be removed for some reason.