Termites In Base Board

This is a rare sight and I have only came across termites in wood baseboards, a few times. I might not have ever noticed the termite damage, but I was giving an estimate to the homeowner, to repair all of that wood termite damage that the termite company had actually found.

As you can see the baseboards were glued to a concrete foundation stem wall, where someone had converted a garage into living area. This was the perfect termite highway and it was then an ideal location.

Let me explain: Termites love moisture, concrete is usually absorbing moisture from the ground, especially after it rains and wood floor trim that is attached to a concrete surface will actually absorb the moisture out of the concrete.

Termites love moist wood, so it makes good sense for them to work their way through this wood floor trim.

If you look at the wood flooring close enough, you will notice that it is made from compressed sawdust. The termites will even go through all of the chemicals and glues that are used to create these products.

You can't imagine all of the places, or things that I have seen termites eat and destroy.