Toilet Wood Floor Water Damage

Whenever the floor damage becomes this bad, like the picture above it's easy to notice. Most of the time the toilet will become loose and start to wiggle as you get on or off of it. There have been stories of people actually falling through the floors while sitting on the toilet.

Most of the time when the floor becomes this damaged, the structural framing floor joist will also need to be replaced or repaired.

This floor damage around the toilet was caused from water leaking from the toilet base. The wax ring under the toilet base that provides the seal between the waste pipe or rough plumbing drain pipe and the toilet had disintegrated.

Home Repair Tip: If your toilet starts to wiggle or become loose, try to tighten the two bolts that are located at the base of the toilet. If this doesn't work, the toilet will need to be removed and repaired. Loose toilets can cause water leaks, water leaks can cause water damage and water damage leads to financial hardships.

So fix any loose or wiggly toilets as soon as possible.