Upside Down Electrical Outlet

In this bedroom, one of the electrical outlets is upside down. There is a very good chance, that someone replaced this electrical outlet or turned it upside down for some reason. During the home's final building inspection, all the electrical outlets should be facing up, like outlet B.

This does not affect the house electrical system in any way and could be more of a cosmetic issue than anything else. However, I would imagine someone with poor eyesight or if someone was trying to plug an extension cord into this outlet and it was behind something or you had limited vision of the outlet, could have difficulties plugging the cord in.

In other words, you thought that the plug was installed right side up and are now having problems trying to plug your extension cord into the outlet.

This electrical outlet can be turned over and reinstalled, most of the time with very little difficulty. I would recommend having someone with electrical experience perform this task. If the sides of the electrical plug were touched in any way, by your hand or finger, you could feel a sudden jolt of electricity or get shocked.

Any electrical problems like this should be repaired by a licensed electrical contractor or someone with electrical experience. It's dangerous to repair any part of your home, where you lack the experience.