Corner Ceiling Water Damage

Corner ceiling water damage like this, will usually be located at the far corners of your house, where your roof over hang is starting to suffer from damaged roofing, termites and possibly dry rot. This usually occurs in colder climates or areas where it rains often.

If the roof slope isn't steep enough for the water to roll off of the roof completely, it will often roll back underneath the shingles and that's when you could end up with corner ceiling water damage like this.

If you live in areas where snow accumulates at the edge of your roof and you run your heater all winter long, the snow can melt in between your roofing and the snow that is sitting on the edge of your roof. This could actually form an ice dam to block the water off at the edge of the roof. Now we have even a bigger problem as the water melting on top of the roof, starts to work its way underneath the shingles, creating the same problem and this could lead to ceiling damage.

Home Repair Tip: Make sure that your roofing is always in good condition and if it isn't, contact a roofing contractor in your area for a free assessment of the condition of your roof. Most roofing contractors are happy to examine your roof, in the hopes hopes that you will call them again when you need your roof replaced or repaired. It's good business.