Wall Damage Around Outlet

Normally wall damage around an electrical outlet will be easy to spot and repair. If you look at the wall, you will notice some the water damage, working its way around the electrical outlet.

Priority number one will be to fix the water leak and stop further water damage to the wall and electrical outlet.

There is a good chance, that the electrical outlet, metal outlet box and some of the wires inside of the outlet box could be in the process of rusting or corroding.

This could create a safety hazard for you and your occupants. It wouldn't be a bad idea to contact a licensed electrician for this type of home repair.

Home Repair Tip: Wall damage around electrical outlets is pretty easy to repair, most of the time. These gaps can easily be filled with caulking or wall plaster and then painted.

If you're going to remove the electrical outlet cover, make sure that you don't touch anything inside of the electrical box or you could find yourself getting zapped with electricity.

Anytime you're working around electricity and you're not comfortable or familiar with it. It wouldn't be a bad idea to grab a couple of books on home electricity.

Another point I would like to make when working with electricity, is to make sure that the rest of your family doesn't approach you while you're working on the electricity and should stay away from the areas where you're working, until you're done.

Always think safety when doing any home repairs, especially if you're going to be working near or around electrical wires.