Bad Termite Damage To Window Header

How bad can termites actually damage a window header? This damage is beyond repair and will need to be replaced. Not only will the window header need to be replaced but the top plates above the window header have suffered from severe termite damage and will need to be replaced.

If you look at the picture close enough, you will see that the window is new and has been replaced recently. If you notice the two by fours that are running vertical and attaching to the door header are also new.

I can't even imagine what the two by fours looked like before they were replaced. This is usually the main freeway for the termites that are heading from the ground towards the window header and roof materials.

This is a good example of what you get, when you hire someone to do the job as cheap as possible. I would imagine that the homeowner, like most homeowners, thought they were getting a bargain. Only to find out later that the building itself was starting to have problems.

Rarely do you run across wood framing that is damaged like the picture above. Termites can under the right conditions, destroy your whole home. In climates like Hawaii and I would imagine other tropical environments, these little guys really go at it.

In Hawaii, they have to use specially treated lumber, just to slow the termites down.

The biggest problems with window header termite damage, is that, it isn't noticeable from the interior or exterior very easy, because it's covered up by drywall on the inside and stucco or siding on the outside. Look for large cracks on the exterior and interior walls. These cracks don't guarantee that your framing is damaged, but if these cracks are getting larger, there's a good chance that the wood framing is damaged somehow.