Damaged Wood Window

This should give you a pretty good idea what it damaged wood window looks like, however, I have definitely seen wood windows that are in worse shape than this one.

This damaged wood window looks like it could be repaired and fully operational with a little bit of scraping, wood filler and paint. If you look closely at the exterior of the building, you can see that the stucco has been painted and some of the paint has worn off.

Whenever we run into a situation like this, it tells us that the building is no longer being maintained like it should be. You will find useful tips like these throughout the site that can help you while you're inspecting your own property.

Home Repair Tip: The first thing that were going to want to do, is make sure this window still operates effectively. Make sure that you can open and close this window with very little effort.

Simply scrape off the flaking paint and then fill in the areas that are damaged. After that, you will need to sand the window until its smooth enough to paint.

Make sure that you select a good wood paint primer and then it wouldn't be a bad idea to apply a semi gloss or high gloss paint as your finish coat.

One of the biggest problems you're going to have with wood window damage like this, is going to be the wood actually swelling. The more wood that is directly exposed to moisture, the better your chances are of the wood window actually swelling shut to where it would be hard to open or close it.

If this happens, the window frame will need to be dried out somehow before it's painted.