Concrete Block Around Wood Post Base

Here's another good example of something that you shouldn't do around your exterior wood posts. It's not just the fact that this person installed concrete blocks around the wood post, but they filled the blocks up with concrete also.

If they would have used the concrete block and left a space around the wood post base, this would have provided a moisture separation between the concrete and the wood.

Home Repair Tip: It wouldn't be a bad idea to use a rubberized type material that's used for waterproofing or even some galvanized metal to wrap around the bottom of the wood post, to separate the concrete from the wood. The main thing is to separate the concrete from the wood, to prevent moisture that absorbs into the concrete, from absorbing into the wood.

If these wood posts aren't ever exposed to moisture, they could last for a long time. It's usually not the case as morning and evening moisture levels rise, this moisture can easily be absorbed into the concrete. If these concrete post basis are exposed to the elements like rain or snow, you can count on moisture remaining in the concrete for longer periods of time.

If moisture remains for long periods of time, it won't be long before this wood post and the decorative rock trim around it will need to be replaced.

If you want to avoid problems like this in the future, make sure that you only hire experienced contractors who have experienced workers.