Raised Concrete Wood Post Base

Raised concrete wood post bases work great, as long as the rest of the post base is constructed correctly. If you look at the picture above, the concrete post base is at least 4 inches tall, providing this particular post with a comfortable distance between the finished concrete floor and the bottom of the wood post.

This particular would post suffered from water damage as sprinklers from the planter sprayed the upper areas of the wood post regularly.

Home Repair Tip: The raised concrete wood post base is an excellent way to prevent termites and water damage, but it's not going to do you any good, if water is accumulating around the bottom of the wood post, for some reason like the sprinklers.

The original intentions of the home builder were good, there just wasn't enough thought put into the landscape watering system to prevent the water damage in the future.

You can build the best house, but if it's not maintained regularly and there are problems like this, you could find with some rather large home repair bills.

If the wood post wouldn't have been covered up by a 2 x 6 band that wrapped around at the bottom of the 6 x 6 post, this post might not have suffered as much damage.

Keep one thing in mind here, I can talk about all of the problems homes seem to suffer from, but the bottom line to damage like this is water and water damages wood.

Keep the water away from the wood and there's a good chance that the wood won't become damaged.