Raised Metal Wood Post Base

This raised metal post base looks like it's positioned pretty good in this exterior patio floor slab. It looks like it's about a quarter of an inch off of the ground, providing enough distance for water to safely drain away from the bottom of this 6 x 6 patio post.

1 inch is the preferred distance for most structural engineers between wood and concrete, but a situation like this is a lot better than having the post sitting directly on top of the concrete or even below it.

Patio Construction Tip: If you look closely, you'll notice that there is a quarter of an inch patio floor tile on top of the concrete patio slab. If you're going to install raised metal wood post bases like these, make sure that you install them high enough to allow for any type of decorative floor tile that you might be applying over the patio slab.

Raising your metal would post base is one of the most important things that you need to remember, while pouring a concrete slab for your patio.

Here's what this particular raised metal wood post looks like before it's installed. Products like these can usually be purchased from your local lumber yards and home improvement centers.