Wood Post Bottom With Filler

It's always better to replace a damaged wood post than it is to repair it with wood filler, however, in a situation like this where the wood post isn't damaged beyond repair, installing a little bit of wood filler isn't a bad idea, for your average do-it-yourselfer, who isn't interested in replacing the post.

Who knows how long this wood post is going to last, because it's sitting on top of a thin piece of metal, that is directly fastened on to a concrete patio slab.

It would be better to install a different structural posts base bracket that would allow the bottom of the post to be separated from the concrete slab in some manner.

There are metal brackets that you can buy from your local home improvement center or lumber yards that raise the bottom of your wood posts 1 inch off of the ground. These are excellent ways to prevent future damage to your wood post.

Most wood post damage like this is done, because the wood is practically indirect contact with moisture as homeowners use the garden hose to wash their patios off and moisture from the soil continues to work its way up and through the top of the concrete patio slab.

I have never been a strong advocate for any types of wood fillers and probably never will be. They provide homeowners and contractors with temporary solutions to difficult home repairs.