Wood Post In Dirt

Wood post should never be in direct contact with dirt. Whether the dirt is piled up around the post or the wood post is actually sitting on top of the dirt, this isn't good. The dirt if moist, over time can cause wood rot in the post and attract subterranean termites.

Someone had actually piled up the dirt around this structural post and to perform the necessary home repair, the dirt simply needed to be removed from the crawlspace area.

Your local building codes will usually require an 18 inch minimum access area in the crawlspace. You should have at least 18 inches in between the bottom of your floor joist and the top of the soil.

This isn't something I would recommend either, this is a brand-new home and could be in an unincorporated area which would not require a building department plan review. The concrete could have easily been raised 6 inches, providing the post with a structural base support, if planned properly.

The raised concrete pad would have also prevented any dirt from touching the wood post. Looking at this picture, it's only a matter of time before the wood post will be surrounded by dirt.

Some people have the illusion that treated lumber will prevent wood rot and deter wood eating termites, this isn't so. To prevent wood rot and termites from destroying the wood framing, make sure the home is built correctly.