Linoleum Edge Lifting

Linoleum flooring that's lifting from the edge next to the carpeting, as shown in the picture above, isn't that common. Usually the linoleum floor is extended a little bit beyond so the carpeting can go over it and this would prevent the linoleum from lifting in the future.

In a situation like this, clean the concrete foundation the best that you can and then re-glue the linoleum flooring back down. This could be a temporary solution, depending on the condition of the linoleum in the concrete foundation.

This linoleum flooring is a little bit older and with age can become brittle. It should be fixed as soon as possible, like most flooring problems. If the flooring becomes too hard to push down, (you fear that you might break it if you push too hard) try to apply some heat to the flooring with a heat gun or hairdryer. The heat should soften the material and make it possible to re-glue the flooring.

Home Repair Tip - You can attach shoe molding to your floor trim in a situation like this, to prevent the linoleum from curling up again. The wood trim will sit on top of the linoleum and help hold down if the adhesive you used starts to fail.