Plant Covering Window

I love plants and I am an avid gardener, but I have seen some of the damage that vinning plants can do to a home. I've seen ivy completely destroy brick walls and I've also seen vinning plants like the one in the picture above growing in people's attics and over their roofing.

I'd even seen them destroying the roofing materials. Tile and wood seem to absorb moisture and moisture is what the plants are looking for, the more moisture that a building product will absorb, the easier it will be for these plants to destroy them.

This plant looks nice, but you could end up with some problems if this plant is maintained. You could maintain it simply by keeping it pruned and away from cracks or openings, like doors, windows and ventilation screens. Proper maintenance of anything, including your plants, can save you lots of money in home repairs down the road.

Home Repair Tip: If there is no way around it and you love the looks of these plants around your home, make sure that you maintain them. Make sure that they don't grow underneath your roof shingles, into your attic ventilation holes and I don't recommend growing any vinning plants on walls that have any siding.