Plant Growing Under Roof

In these pictures you can see the plants attaching themselves to the stucco, 1 x 6 roof eaves and working their way over the roof. You can already see that the vining plants have worked their way on top of the lower tile roof in the picture below.

This is a good and if left alone, you could be looking at a hefty home repair bill in the future.

Home Repair Tips: The vining plants should be cut back to prevent damage to your home. Just looking at the pictures on this page, I would remove any of the vining plants that are working their way up the roof.

The roof tiles will hold moisture and as the plant searches for water, it will work its way in between the roof tiles and even underneath them. This will force the roof tiles to separate and lift up as the plant vines start to get larger.

I would recommend trimming these plants every other month at a minimum.

More Pictures on Vinning Plant Damage