Condenser Freezing Problem

Just a little heads up for the average do-it-yourselfer or home repair professional. If you see water leaking from the air conditioning condenser, there's a problem with it.

This air conditioning condenser isn't working properly and it's freezing the moisture in the air, around the condensation lines. If you don't repair this type of damage soon, it could damage the air-conditioning system.

Home Repair Tip: Remember, whenever you see water around something like your air conditioning condenser, make sure that someone didn't spill any water in that area or that water isn't leaking from somewhere else.

I don't know how many times I run into a problem like this, where someone assumes that the water is leaking from one place, when it's actually leaking from another. If the air-conditioning unit isn't running or hasn't been running for a while and you notice water accumulating at the base of the condensation unit, it's probably going to be something else.

The air conditioner needs to be operating, before the condensation lines will actually freeze. If the air conditioner isn't on, and water is accumulating around the base of the condensation unit, that water is probably leaking from something else.