Attic Repairs - Home Repairs

The Most Common Attic Repairs Are Going To Be:

1. Wood damage from termites and other pests. These pests will include rodents like mice and rats and even squirrels and raccoons. These guys can not and scratch on a piece of wood and tell it's no longer usable and would need to be repaired or replaced.

Animal Dropping In Attic

2. Wood rot, cause from roof leaks, condensation or plumbing leaks. Roof leaks seem to be the number one problem for attic repairs. Most roof leaks become visible as water leaks through the attic on to the ceiling, usually the ceiling is drywall or plaster and soon spotting will be visible from the living area.

3. Attic insulation, some older homes do not have insulation and can be insulated if the attic is accessible. Check with local utility companies for rebates on any home insulation installation. Insulation will pay for itself within a short period of time through energy cost savings.

4. Attic ventilation can be a problem, especially if you don't have any vents. Most older attics are under ventilated and this could be fixed by installing new dormer vents in the roof. Attic ventilation can also be increased by adding Gable vents and eave vents.
Here's a picture of a snakeskin in the attic, I don't know if this is a legal form of pest control, but I sure have found some weird things, in some weird places, over the years of working on peoples homes.